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Featured work:TAXISnet Clone

TAXISnet Clone is a web application for online submission of Income Tax for private individuals. It is based on the real application developed by Ministry of Finance and the General Secretariat for Information Systems (GSIS). The application can provide to taxpayers valid (according to 2837/0030/11.11.2003(ΦΕΚ1685/Β)) and printable paycheck. The functionality of the application is limited to private individuals. There are 3 types of user roles, taxpayers, tax inspectors and administrators.

Screenshots Clone Clone is a web application developed by me in ASP.NET (C#) using a MS-SQL Server 2008. This application is an online shop using the template of the original . is one of the most successful e-shops in Greece. The application has a public front-end web interface for the customers and a back-end interface for the administrators. Have a look at the screenshots.


Lucene based Search Engine

Lucene based search engine developed in Java. This application can index multi-attribute text files of scientific papers. In addition, it reads query files with the corresponding relevant papers.

The application is able to generate performance evaluation graphs like Precision-Recall and stats like R-precision, Average Precision at Seen Relevant Documents etc.

Parallel port Automations

Simple automations writing and reading from serial port, using ParaPin library (limited to Linux boxes). Can be applied easily to security and monitoring systems.

Router reconnector

Router reconnector is a utility working with NETFASTER IAD 2 (HOL edition) router. This router hasn't ssh/telent access so the only way to renew the wan ip is through web interface. It's developed in C# using WatiN, a browser automation library for .NET .

The application is designed to work with RDesc in order to download files in parts from file hosting providers as free user.



iReport is a website where registered users can post their complaints about companies and organizations. The application is based on a friend of mine (Athanasios Paraschos) concept.

Currently, the website is offline (maybe permanently).

HotSpot design and implementation for TRWN.

Tipolis Wireless Network (TRWN) has now its network of hospots. A hotspot is a site with information about our network and also a free gateway to the internet over an open wireless connection.

A closer look at the dhcp leases table (visit the screenshot link below) reveals that the 2 main hotspots (at St Vasilios & St Dimitrios) have more than 250 users per day.

This hotspot application developed in order to be operational under different hardware. The main component of the project is the PowerDNS recursor, a powerful dns recursor that can process the DNS queries in order to deliver custom responses. A simple but powerful lua script can deliver "poisoned" dns replies to hotspot users in order to redirect any request to the webserver that runs the hotspot's web interface. Last but not least, simple firewall rules (depending on router's operating system) can prevent users of accessing any other hosts (including other DNS servers).

Non operational demo DHCP leases screenshot

TRWN website

Tripolis Wireless Network (TR.W.N.) is a non commercial organization offering broadband services through wireless networks. I have designed and installed lot of services and sites for this organization including its official website, forum, Wind and photo gallery.

Visit site

Tripolis Metallurgy

Tripolis Metallurgy is located in Industrial Area of Tripolis. The company is equipped with the most modern metal processing equipment, like fully automated CNC beam drilling, cutting line, CNC plasma and oxygen cutting machines etc.

Also, they have a designing team for modelling metal constructions with Strucad and Tekla Structures software.

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ZeolithosWineNemea is a corporate website trading zeolite

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Bind Wireless Communities Stats for Cacti

A simple script for Cacti monitoring tool and Bind9 DNS Server. The script classifies the DNS requests to their corresponding Wireless Community.

eg. domains with the .awmn extension belong to Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network

Structural Steelworks Weight Calculator

Windows Forms Application that calculates the weight of a steel construction and generates the corresponding order form in pdf format. It has also built-in editable material list.