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Featured work:TAXISnet Clone

TAXISnet Clone is a web application for online submission of Income Tax for private individuals. It is based on the real application developed by Ministry of Finance and the General Secretariat for Information Systems (GSIS). The application can provide to taxpayers valid (according to 2837/0030/11.11.2003(ΦΕΚ1685/Β)) and printable paycheck. The functionality of the application is limited to private individuals. There are 3 types of user roles, taxpayers, tax inspectors and administrators.

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E1 submission

E1 is the main form for submitting individual's income

Final paycheck

The application can generate final paycheck according to 2837/0030/11.11.2003(ΦΕΚ1685/Β)

Print design
Print design

TAX forms

Taxpayers can submit, view and edit their forms, according to their tax profile.

The functionality of submitting and editing forms is disabled when the submitting period is over.

Help Desk support

Taxpayers can open technical support tickets to application's administrator.

Print design
Print design

Submission period

The administrator of this application can set the subission periods for each financial year. Taxpayers are able to submit forms within these periods.

TAX officers jurisdictions

Tax officers (inspectors) can view the submitted forms and generate the final paycheck according to current tax policy.

Tax officers are allowed to view only the forms of their jurisdiction.

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